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( Aug. 27th, 2014 09:01 pm)
Can anyone explain what happened there? I am very confused.

spoilers )

EDIT: Haha! This (spoilery of course) review sums up my WTF? perfectly! Fangirlish review of 4x10
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( Jul. 15th, 2014 10:20 pm)
The SPN rewatch continues - S5

How did I forget about Changing Channels? The ball-crunching Japanese show, the sun glasses at night, Dr Sexy, the Sam!pala! LOL! Love it!

I watched The Real Ghostbusters tonight. I was hoping my reaction would be less squicky this time, but I still had to fast forward a little of it or hide behind the couch. Once the real ghosts appeared I was okay though. Just, I can't stand Becky and them the facts, people! Whereas the earlier fan, with the tattoo on her bottom. She was more fun, less squick.

And next up, I know is Abandon All Hope and I'm going to put that off for a little while, because I can't go to bed on that much angst. *lip wibble* Next time.

Teen Wolf - S4
Psst. I have a secret. I actually don't mind Malia. *hears the sound of people de-friending*
I know why you all hate her and it makes sense and I understand. However, I feel like they are trying to make her like a coyote with a survival-of-the-fittest mentality and maybe it isn't working perfectly, but I think she'll get there as a character. I have always respected that Teen Wolf has such fabulously strong/independent female lead characters and I'm more than willing to give Malia the benefit of the doubt. There, I've said it.

Did anyone watch the first episode? What'd you all think? I loved the movie and this looks like another interesting take on the graphic novels. More British. And I must say, there appears to be a lot of crossover potential here. A lot!

I've watched a few other things lately, but nothing that's really caught my fancy. Have you guys discovered any new shows that must be watched? Lemme know, please. ;)
New main titles. I love the opening sequences for this show. Sexy, but also so darn artistic.
Bring on the new season.

WOW! Can't wait! (Obviously, spoilers for S3)

Don't judge, I was rocking a restless baby and it was one of the better day-time TV options. Thing was, I almost woke the baby up again with my many repeated exclamations of "OMG!" Because in the one episode were very young versions of (Cast list to prove it):

Tyler Hoechlin - my current TV boyfriend - I jest of course (i.e. Derek Hale in Teen Wolf)
Thomas Dekker - John Conner in The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Also Secret Circle, etc.)
Katie Cassidy - Ruby in Supernatural and now in Arrow

And someone else too, but I can't remember right now. But, who knew 7th Heaven was a starting place for so many young actors?! Awesome!
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( Jun. 12th, 2013 07:51 pm)
Is there a corner of Teenwolf fandom out there that is gen.. or even just not Styles/Derek?
Just curious. I am always amazed how some fandoms get taken over by a single pairing.

Off to watch the latest ep.


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