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Location:Canberra, Australia
Website:My icon journal
This is a place for all my ramblings, rants and random stuff. I'd like to say it's deep and meaningful in some way, but it's unlikely to be.

Blunt, occasionally argumentative, but usually relaxed. Sometimes rants. Friendly, but often suffers from foot-in-mouth typewriter disease. Aquarius, who likes long walks, vids, makes 100x100px squares, writes, sings in the shower and loves meeting new people.

I watch pretty much anything that has "star" in the title (yes, I am a scifi buff) and I love a lot of British and Australian TV (BBC/ABC productions). Shows I have been known to ramble about include: Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, ReGenesis, Fringe, Sanctuary, Life on Mars, Spooks, Sarah Conner Chronicles, The Listener, Dollhouse, Numb3rs, Kyle XY, Demons, Hornblower, Chuck... and many, many more.

I'm always happy to be friended, especially if you share common interests. There's no need to ask, but I like meeting new people, so please do comment and introduce yourself. I'll quite often friend you back, but if I don't please don't be offended. My own commenting in friend's journals has become rather random, but I'm not ignoring you. Real life just gets in the way at times. I continue to be amazed by the things I learn from people on LJ.

Guidelines to my 'El Jay':
1) Friend/defriend at will and at any time
2) Treat my journal like you would a lively house party - stumble in at will and randomly comment if you so desire, have fun and feel free to comment off-topic. Party at my LJ, because life's too short and the internet is too much fun.
3) If anyone is inspired to make podfic, graphics, fanmixes or anything else from my fanworks, I would be nothing but chuffed, pleased and flattered. In other words, go ahead with my happy, happy permission. (The only exception to this is if you plan to "rewrite" one of my written works in some way. Then please ask.)
4) This journal welcomes constructive criticism. I like to learn from stuff. Really.
5) My podfic is over at podlizzie. My icons are over at sunnygecko.

Anything not credited is generally made by me. Other bits and pieces I use at different times are credited here:
The incredibly cool "I am ---- locked" locked post doobie is made by fuesch and can be found here.
"Right Bastards"Chaos banner by ranereins.
Fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch banner made for me by sarlania! \o/
The delightful Fringe mood theme by novak_fan
The very pretty animated Supernatural mood theme by lidi
The awesome McKay mood theme by iconofilth.
The fantabulous animated Master mood theme by fallen_iceangel. (link)
The gorgeous Doctor and Donna mood theme by dana_cz
The cute Rodney mini icon was made by newkidfan and can be found (with the .css code to use them) here in her icon journal.

This SOFO Banner was created by me in a bout of sillyness. Seriously though, feel free to friend. :P
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