Can anyone explain what happened there? I am very confused.

So, am I close to getting this right?
1. Lydia's grandmother predicted the Dead pool was going to happen and tried to warn Lydia (hid the key and replaced her ashes) in order for Lydia to stop it (The grandmother was killed in the room with the record player by the Eichen House warden.).
2. Peter actually came up with the whole Dead pool concept while going mad in a coma and psychically told Meredith (Banshee in Eichen House) while sharing a hospital room with herall about it, thus making her come up with the list and set it all in motion.
3. The Eichen House warden was killing people (including Lydia's grandmother), but he was also being used by Meridith to kill for her.

Okay, but who actually set up the big machine that ran the dead pool? Was that also the Eichen House warden? That's the bit I don't get. Who set it all up as it seemed like it had been there from the Grandmother's time (she hid the key).
Did Meredith somehow know about the code Lydia's grandmother used and then use that to set up the dead pool or did she just know how to unlock the dead pool because she used her gifts to get the code... like Lydia did? How does a computer from an era before mobile phones send text messages, especially after they turn it off?

Ugh, I'm lost. Someone point me to a good explanation, please!

EDIT: Haha! This (spoilery of course) review sums up my WTF? perfectly! Fangirlish review of 4x10


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