I've never watched Startrek Enterprise before, but I realised the other day that at some point (likely several years ago) I bought the first 3 seasons on DVD. I started watching some today.

Does anyone else find it weird that Enterprise was part of an Earth collaboration, Starfleet, etc. And yet. the opening theme only shows American achievements in flight and space travel? Why not stick some Russian, Japanese, British etc. achievements in there? It's so very small-minded given what Startrek is all about. *sigh*

Anyhoo, the theme song is stupidly catchy. Might see if it's available to download on iTunes or something. I'm liking the slightly stuffy security guy and the medical officer. It's a nice cross of new and original startrek series so far, but I bet the die-hard fans struggled with it being a little inconsistent with original trek. Luckily I'm a fan, not a die-hard fan. Ha!
Hi all.

I'm a little quiet these days. And I'm not keeping up with any of you very well, which is sad when there isn't that much traffic to keep up with.
So I thought I'd post and say "hi".

I have a cold at the moment, so I'm holed up this weekend re-watching Teen Wolf and basking in how gorgeous Derek Hale is. I'm can be shallow in my TV watching, especially when sick.

I just finished my bit of TGETVE3 for Expanding the Verse and I'm all: 'man I miss vidding!' That was fun! So now I want to make a vid, but my mind (being where it is at the moment - see above paragraph) wants to make a vid featuring shirtless men and... is that ok? I mean if I was a guy and I made a shirtless chick vid I'd catch some flack, right? But still, that's where my brain wants to go. Arrow, SPN, Teen Wolf... Shirtless guys. Mmmmm.

And on that extremely shallow note, I will just say "hope you're all well" and move away from the computer... and back to my Derek Hale Teen Wolf re-watch.

xxx Lizzie
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( Mar. 12th, 2013 09:43 pm)
I've been rewatching a show called Miracles, which only aired for one season in 2003. Back then I was a huge X-Files fan and loving all these shows trying to emulate it. Anyway after watching a fan vid for the show (watch it, it's good!), I had a hankering to watch it again. I just didn't remember it being quite as the vid made it look... that is, really good. Anyway, found the DVD set second-hand and couldn't resist the "buy me" button. Oh dear.

Now I realise possibly the main reason I liked it was it had great hurt/comfort factor. I was a huge h/c fan when I was a teenager (still am), but back then I didn't have a term for it. Paul is whumped almost at every turn in this show.

It goes like this (i.e. how Paul get hurt almost every episode) )

I haven't watched the last three episodes yet, but I just realised PETER OUTERBRIDGE IS IN EPISODE THIRTEEN! Hey [livejournal.com profile] tj_teejay, did you know that?! I swear I saw a few other actors I know well, looking very young, but I've yet to see any proof it's them. Will have to go back and look at the credits.

Edit: Finished the eps now (14/3/13).


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