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( May. 10th, 2015 09:58 pm)
Yes, I am still alive. Been acting a higher position at work and busy generally and online stuff has fallen into the cracks again. Oy!

How are you all doing?

Another thing that has taken my spare time of late is Netflix and Presto, both of which I am getting free right now (ZOMG! for a few weeks more anyway). Ahhhhh! So much to watch! It's awesome!

Back in the day I was addicted to both The X Files (probably my first and most-loved TV show - I never missed an episode in all 10 seasons, I kid you not...) and Stargate SG1. Both of which I watched long before I knew what a "fandom" was. I watched them religiously. Just ask my mum, she had to tape them if I was out. LOL!

Sooo, I've been doing a bit of re-watching on Presto and Netflix and I suddenly thought... Fandom! Specifically X Files Fandom. Was there one? Is there good fan fiction out there? If anyone can point me to some good h/c for Mulder and Scully, I would seriously love you right now. I'm kinda excited by the concept and hoping there's all this awesomeness out there I've never thought to go look for. (Also in need of a good Mulder and Scully icon.)

Anyhoo. I need to catch up on all the current shows. But the rewatching caught me in a vortex of XFiles and Stargate love, so I haven't much fandomy to chat about. You still all rock!

OOh also saw the latest Avengers movie. How did you all feel about it? Especially the whole Hawkeye thing, which I found a little... weird (trying not to be spoilery here). Lemme know. I'm so very curious!

xxx Love you guys!


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