...and I'm actually quite enjoying it. :)
Just shows that I watch for different aspects of the show than some other people, I suppose.


Right now it's 2am and I'm hanging about and posting because I can't sleep. Surprisingly not at all to do with SPN. My brain is fixed on work issues. Weird. Off to try the whole sleep thing again...

From: [identity profile] meg-tdj.livejournal.com

I think also, the wait time of hiatuses (hiati?) doesn't help much when you're not enjoying a storyline. I'm not one to mope about stuff going on in my shows that I don't like, but the slowness of the flashbacks this season got on my nerves from week to week, so when hiatus time arrived... I was not excited to see more!! *gasp shock horror* The post-hiatus eps have been good, though, and 8x12 officially got me excited again. I wish now that I'd waited and caught up on them all quickly like you did!

From: [identity profile] starrylizard.livejournal.com

That's true, probably watching it all in one go makes it more satisfying. *nods* I was pretty bored in the first few eps of the season.

From: [identity profile] irismay42.livejournal.com

The last couple of episodes have been excellent. it does make me wonder whether Carver has taken a page out of Kripke's book and thought, "This isn't working, let's ditch it," and that's why we now have the new Winchester family legacy direction.

From: [identity profile] starrylizard.livejournal.com

Possibly, though having watched it all in a row, I do believe they were aiming in that direction... like two story arcs with a slight overlap.

From: [identity profile] ash48.livejournal.com

I Looved this episode! SO MUCH!!

Once we got past the OMG Amelia walked back into Sam's life cliff hanger (::koff::) I was back to my usual enjoyment...


YAY new ep today! \0/

From: [identity profile] starrylizard.livejournal.com

LOL! I never thought that would work out. It wasn't like she is the type of chick to ride along in the Impala while they hunt. Although there could be interesting fic opportunities with that. :P


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