Hey guys, I'm trying to catch up on a few shows. Supernatural, Constantine, The Flash, Arrow, Marvel's Agent Carter and and Marvel's Agents of Shield. Sorry I haven't been online to chat.

*Please tell me Crowley's mother gets it eventually. I really can't stand her and not in a good (she's evil) way. She just irritates me and keep wanting to turn it off when their scenes are on...when I assume it's meant to be funny. I'd be watching so much faster without her, because it's fine otherwise. I will catch up guys. Sorry I'm so slow. I haven't been chatting or whatever because I'm so behind.

*Loving Constantine. I'm down to the last two episodes for the season. Please tell me there will be more. Love love love. Such a cheeky bugger!

*The Flash. Eeeee. I'm only 2 episodes behind now and I cannot believe it! Time travel madness to come I assume. Can't wait.

*Arrow is going down an interesting path too. I'm only one episode behind on it now (i.e. pretty up to date). Ooooh don't do it Ollie!

*I'm really behind on Agent Carter, but it's gorgeous. Are they continuing the series? I've heard things both ways.

*Up to date (or one ep behind?) on Agents of Shield. Can't wait to see where Skye's story arc is headed.

New Shows:
*I'm also quite liking iZombie. Watched the first 2 episodes and it seems pretty fun. I love the idea of a reluctant zombie using her brain-eating psychic abilities to fight crime. Must have been really fun graphic novels.

*Loving 12 monkeys! Is anyone else watching this show?


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