Is there to be a Season 5? They've sure set one up.

So that was a little strange. I enjoyed it, but I was also continually thrown by characters appearing who are dead or different in the other timeline. It was doing my head in!

I can see the fun in it and it's very clever in that it allowed the writers to reuse all the old stories. Sort of like an intense AU fanfic. Actually I've read some early Fringe fanfiction that mucks about with episodes this way.

I do wish that future episode hadn't just ended. I can see now it was their way of showing us where S5 is going, but I had assumed that they'd sow us what happened and they never did. Loved the chick they chose to play Henrietta. She looks so like Olivia!

Anyway, ended up enjoying S4 despite my whining. :P

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Okies. Nice to know there's a planned ending in many ways. :)

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I kind of didn't see the point in that future episode because, as you say, it just ended, and I didn't feel like that was any pay off or continuity with the rest of the season.

And I kind of wish I had time to watch every episode from the pilot again just to try and get it all straight in my head!

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I think rewatching would only make you confused like me. Half the characters they killed off in earlier eps came back to life in this version.

It was a clever thing for the writers in that it sure would have saved them a lot of work, but I'm not sure I really liked it. Especially the whole this Olivia becoming His Olivia. It felt like the strong independent Olivia we've come to know became beholden to a man and that pissed me off. Even if it is Peter. It just got my hackles up. *shrugs* But once I got over that and over the idea that anyone you thought was dead will probably come back to life and make trouble, it wasn't a bad season. :P


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