Just watched Supernatural 7x22, but the thing that strikes me as amusing is that I am totally watching this for the bad guys these days.

The guy that plays Dick Roman is stellar. OMG best bad guy. That smile! Ha!
Then Crowley of course. He's number one best ever bad guy!
And even some of the recurring Leviathans... just great acting. I totally buy their evil plans!

And I love that the Leviathans plan to conquer the world with junk food. It's just so super evil mad nemesis genius planning, ya know? Love it!

I almost want to vid SPN again, but I don't have unmarked clips or anything, so it'd be a bit messy! Anyone got a good song, something super silly and evil, I could use for a Dick vid? I'll take suggestions and think about it. Not that I haven't got enough vid ideas and promises already going on, but...

Edit: I think I just found a song I have to vid! Bwahahahahahaha! Oh god, emailing this to you [livejournal.com profile] ash48!!

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