So I recently ran The Great ETV Experiment (TGETVE) over at ETV forum. It's similar to TGRRVE I used to run over at SVS Forums, but multifandom.

And the result was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. :D

The theme was "happy". The selected song has lyrics about battling on no matter what. So even though there's a lot of happy moments in the vid, it's also dotted with some more heartfelt moments.

Anyway. Here it is:

Title: TGETVE #1
Vidders: (in order of appearance):
[ profile] stinella - SLauveng (Sons of Anarchy),
[ profile] ash48 (Leverage),
[ profile] starrylizard (Sherlock),
[ profile] ash48 (Misfits),
[ profile] hay1ock (Lost Girl),
[ profile] turquoisetumult - PsychoCynic (Supernatural)
[ profile] callme_k - coastal5 (Offspring)

Song: Where We Belong by Lost Prophets
Warnings: One scene of nudity
Category: General/Themed Montage
Character/s: HEAPS!! \o/
Length: 4:47
Summary: Hold on... (Group experiment. Theme: Happy!)
Links: ETV YouTube | ETV thread - including dl links

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