The latest ETV Experiment was finished recently and I love the results! Hope you do too! It was posted first to ETV HERE.

Vidders in order of appearance are: Hay1ock (The Walking Dead), Starrylizard (Arrow), SLauveng (Sherlock), Nightshadeisis (The Tribe), Coastal5 (Chicago Fire), Ash48 (Supernatural).
Title of Video: TGETVE#4
Song by Artist: When We Stand Together by Nickelback
Fandom: multifandom as above
Theme: Friendship and working together
Summary: A group experiment! The vidders voted on a theme: Friendship and working together. Then on some music. Then I cut up the song and handed out the pieces. All vidders work independently and at the end the pieces are stuck back together again to make a surprise, experimental, multifandom video.
Length & Filesize: 3:25; small 55mb/ large 146mb
Streaming Link: Youtube
Download Links: Small | Large
Comments: Thanks all for taking part again. I had such fun running it, as always!

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