Yay! I really enjoyed that.

There was some honest to goodness h/c. Not as much as I'd liked, but for this show it's tons! Oz being all clucky and parental over Toby was adorable!

The fact that Toby had a bit of trouble processing the shooting was very in character. I was a little worried about where they might be going with it, but all was well. Just a pity that, as with all the dramatic bits, it'll probably never come up again as it's been "dealt with" now. Thea came back! Yay! I was a little worried I'd have to write her back in for myself.

Thanks show! :D

I still want to write something that has Toby still searching for his family. I had a plot outline, but I need to change it a bit now that they've explained why Thea is different. And I need to actually write. I can't believe how long it is since I've written something. I am finding it hard to know where to start.

Oh and fact check: Sandy still doesn't know about Toby's gift. Right?


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