I plan to start a community for writing exercises. Just a place where people can post writing exercises and maybe some other things (discussions about writing exercises or links to useful resources), but mostly just writing exercises.

I was going to call it writing_exercises, because while that is boring, it tells people what it is all about right there in the name. But LJ thinks it is too long.

Other thoughts I had include: prod_the_muse, word_exercises, start_writing...
Some of these may already be taken. I haven't tried to grab them as yet, because they don't really catch my imagination.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Usually when I ask, I get way better names then I can think up myself. *puppy eyes*

Edit: I've half-settled on [livejournal.com profile] the_write_idea and set it aside just in case, but I'm totally still open to other options.


Oh and I accidentally deleted my LJ earlier. Hopefully nobody noticed as it was just an 'oops' moment. :P
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