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( Oct. 2nd, 2016 09:52 pm)
Hey, been awhile, but that seems to be my pattern here. *sigh*

So I've started watching and re-watching westerns lately, old/new, TV/movie, spaghetti/more traditional, whatever. The thing that's struck me (apart from a bit of an early Clint Eastwood crush) is that the characters are so familiar. I mean apart from the Magnificent Seven TV show I've rarely watched Westerns at all, but I'm getting a kick out of how many of the shows I watch are like Westerns just transposed onto a new setting - space, the future, a fantasy setting - they're all still good vs evil, cocky gunslingers and evil greedy bad guys... It's wonderful and has given me so many ideas for writing. I know it shouldn't be a revelation to me, but somehow watching Westerns these past few weeks has cemented in my brain the similarities between so many of the genres, characters and shows I like and given me a bigger picture of things. I'm in love.

I think I need to watch the new Magnificent Seven movie next. Hopefully someone will go with me to the movies. My Western kick started before I even knew that movie was coming out. Timing! (They better not have messed with the theme music!) ;)


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