The Flash/Supergirl Musical episode was awesome! There is so much talent in those DC TV show casts. I hadn't realised there were so many musical theater graduates, I mean other than the ex-Glee cast members. Just yes! Adorable and perfect and just what I needed tonight.
Supergirl just referenced Stargate and Star Trek (Red Shirt) in the same episode! Bless my big geeky heart!
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( Dec. 14th, 2014 08:39 pm)
I've recently made a bunch of icons for comic challenges ([ profile] flarrow_stills and [ profile] comics_ic). I've re-posted them all in one big lump on my icon journal if you're interested. I find these challenges fun, not because I win, but because they're a concrete bit of artistic fun I can do and then move on without feeling guilty at taking time out. We all need that, right? I hope they also turn out okay.

 photo noeyes1_zps3e525b1e.png  photo caitlin4_zps34eccea4.png  photo SG5air_zpse9a4e969.png  photo mask2_zpse3d73730.png

FIND THEM ALL HERE...(click me)



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