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( May. 28th, 2016 06:57 pm)
My SPN S11 watch got derailed a few months back for... reasons. Computer ones mostly.
Anyhoo, finally figured out I was up to episode 7, so I'll get back to that. But I'm so forgetful. Can someone fill me in on why (if we know) Sam possible spoiler I guess ) again? Thanks buddies. This is the best place to ask such things. I know you all not only watch it, but are like "how does she not know that"? Ha!
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( Mar. 13th, 2016 11:09 pm)
All you SPN fans are so cute and filled with squee! And your squee makes me happy! :D
Hey guys, I'm trying to catch up on a few shows. Supernatural, Constantine, The Flash, Arrow, Marvel's Agent Carter and and Marvel's Agents of Shield. Sorry I haven't been online to chat.

*Please tell me Crowley's mother gets it eventually. I really can't stand her and not in a good (she's evil) way. She just irritates me and keep wanting to turn it off when their scenes are on...when I assume it's meant to be funny. I'd be watching so much faster without her, because it's fine otherwise. I will catch up guys. Sorry I'm so slow. I haven't been chatting or whatever because I'm so behind.

*Loving Constantine. I'm down to the last two episodes for the season. Please tell me there will be more. Love love love. Such a cheeky bugger!

*The Flash. Eeeee. I'm only 2 episodes behind now and I cannot believe it! Time travel madness to come I assume. Can't wait.

*Arrow is going down an interesting path too. I'm only one episode behind on it now (i.e. pretty up to date). Ooooh don't do it Ollie!

*I'm really behind on Agent Carter, but it's gorgeous. Are they continuing the series? I've heard things both ways.

*Up to date (or one ep behind?) on Agents of Shield. Can't wait to see where Skye's story arc is headed.

New Shows:
*I'm also quite liking iZombie. Watched the first 2 episodes and it seems pretty fun. I love the idea of a reluctant zombie using her brain-eating psychic abilities to fight crime. Must have been really fun graphic novels.

*Loving 12 monkeys! Is anyone else watching this show?
So some thoughts on TV shows and tshirts and stuff. This post could be a bit spoilery, but I am being deliberately vague for the most part.

* I love Harrison Wells. Besides Barry, Dr Wells and Joe are my favourite characters on The Flash, so I'm really hoping the latest episode doesn't indicate that Wells will no longer be a main character. That'd make me so sad.

* I haven't made it past 10.4 of Supernatural yet. I've just been bored. *sigh* Sorry SPN fandom. I'll likely catch up sometime over Christmas. Just not feeling it.

* I got my Stephen Amell F*CK Cancer T-shirt. Awesome!

* I've also ordered a S.T.A.R. Laboratories tank top. I'm hoping it'll be one of those cool fan references that no one will get unless they are also a geek! I get confused by online sizing, so it's always a gamble buying online, but here's hoping.

* How amazing was that Arrow cliffhanger?! Eeeeee! And rumour is that Arsenal gets lots of air time for the next few episodes while they deal with that, so that makes me happy too!

* Episode 209 of Reign killed me. I can't believe they went there. At least they're dealing with it maturely and Mary is not okay. :(

* I've only watched the first 2 episodes, but Constantine is pretty cool!

* Last night on Ink Master they tattooed peoples eyelids. EYELIDS! WTF? (Yes, we're likely very behind on that show! I'm watching it on late night telly.)
So there's this drabble thing going on at [ profile] spn_bunker and it's all "hey write stuff about how awesome the Bunker is in 100 words" and my brain supplied this... O_o

Title: The room
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] starrylizard
Rating: Gen, G, 100 word drabble, post S9.
Warnings/Spoilers: none for S10

There's a room )
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( Aug. 26th, 2014 08:49 pm)
I decided I may need some work wall art. Anyone got a picture of Jared that is more the equivalent of the Jensen one? I'd like one with more focus on his eyes. Mmmm.

Stressed? Look into their big lovely eyes... )
[ profile] kalliel wrote me Carhenge fic. Go read it here. (PG, gen, Sam and Dean) It's a lovely little comment fic that weaves dark and light over the boys history and wraps it all up in Carhenge. Yes! \o/
Write me a fic in which Sam and Dean stop to visit Car Henge in Minnesota? Dean would love that shit! :D

I found this by accident while searching for something else completely, but it's now totally my head canon. Dean would visit it for sure. :)
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( Aug. 16th, 2014 03:23 pm)
I'm loving the celebrities getting into the (shirtless) ice bucket challenge.
Stephen Amell just did it (shirtless) and nominated Jared Padalecki! I am just all: \o/ (please do it shirtless! Eeeee!) I am so shallow, y/y?

You know how Dean always tells people he's in "pest control" when they ask him what he does... Now I'm imagining him shooting flies for a living. Or just Sam and Dean casually taking out flies in their hotel room at night with a shotgun. Ha!

Kinda want one. :P
I have this weird idea in my brain that Dominion is an AU spin off of Supernatural and I'd love someone to sort of write an AU of both worlds that makes them fit together perfectly.

An AU idea - spoilers if you consider stuff you learn in the opening scenes of Dominon's first episode as spoilers. )

Anyway, it's probably batty, but it keeps making me smile thinking about it as I watch Dominion. So I thought I'd share and maybe spread the bug.

Also, what do you all think of Dominion? It's interesting, but the acting is a bit hit and miss... and the accents. So many of the actors seem to be pretending to be American and not managing to be convincing... WAIT, I just looked it up. Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa! Now I get it! Most of them probably ARE faking their American accents. Heee! And they've all chosen different American accents too. It cracks me up! Throws me out of the show somewhat, but cracks me up big time, so I kinda love it!
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( Jul. 24th, 2014 08:16 pm)
These word count trackers are awesome!
There's SPN ones or just fun designs with pirates and stuff. An excel spreadsheet where you can keep track of your word counts. Very handy! :D
Wow! has anyone looked at the #AskSupernatural tag on Twitter? It's all vent, vent, Cas/Dean vent, vent... rinse & repeat. The some idiots who can't type actual sentences so I don't know what they're even asking. Ugh Twitter. I would not like to be the poor intern who has to go through those. They will need alcohol. Much alcohol.

Maybe we should try to flood it with some less vent-y, but useful questions. I totally will when/if I think of any... Nup, nothing is coming except the Impala floodlight question. I'll pop that up anyway.

Today I found a S5 Supernatural Guidebook thingy in a $2 bin! It's the season I'm watching and it has nice glossy pictures of the boys in suits. $2 well-spent.
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( Jul. 15th, 2014 10:20 pm)
The SPN rewatch continues - S5

How did I forget about Changing Channels? The ball-crunching Japanese show, the sun glasses at night, Dr Sexy, the Sam!pala! LOL! Love it!

I watched The Real Ghostbusters tonight. I was hoping my reaction would be less squicky this time, but I still had to fast forward a little of it or hide behind the couch. Once the real ghosts appeared I was okay though. Just, I can't stand Becky and them the facts, people! Whereas the earlier fan, with the tattoo on her bottom. She was more fun, less squick.

And next up, I know is Abandon All Hope and I'm going to put that off for a little while, because I can't go to bed on that much angst. *lip wibble* Next time.

Teen Wolf - S4
Psst. I have a secret. I actually don't mind Malia. *hears the sound of people de-friending*
I know why you all hate her and it makes sense and I understand. However, I feel like they are trying to make her like a coyote with a survival-of-the-fittest mentality and maybe it isn't working perfectly, but I think she'll get there as a character. I have always respected that Teen Wolf has such fabulously strong/independent female lead characters and I'm more than willing to give Malia the benefit of the doubt. There, I've said it.

Did anyone watch the first episode? What'd you all think? I loved the movie and this looks like another interesting take on the graphic novels. More British. And I must say, there appears to be a lot of crossover potential here. A lot!

I've watched a few other things lately, but nothing that's really caught my fancy. Have you guys discovered any new shows that must be watched? Lemme know, please. ;)
Calling all fandom! To celebrate the SPN Fandom Day of Love, we are hosting a FANDOM LOVE MEME!


Think about what makes your Supernatural heart tick, and put those reasons out in the open. Let loose, express your love and your glee and your secret SPN-related delights. This means both canon and fandom.

Read more... )

Spread the love, peace out, and pluck those heartstrings! (Click on the link to head to the party. :P) ♥

To my SPN friends new and old: I love that I've jumped back into this fandom I haven't been a real part of since Season 4 or 5 and I've been welcomed back with open arms! <3

Thanks all of you for that. I really do appreciate it. I'm so looking forward to GISHWHES and I'm writing fic again and emoting over things again and (well I'm still re-watching to remember all that's happened since I was last fannish, but as I catch up) just thanks for letting me into your world without prejudice. You're all awesome! :D
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( Jul. 13th, 2014 02:48 pm)
A list of SPN episodes and the places the characters visit in each episode (as in where they are in America) for Season 1 though 3.

Does such a thing exist? Supernatural Wiki is a bit of a mystery to me, I'm sure I found something like this on there once, but now... not so much.
Are they any good?

I never really thought to pick one up before, but since I'm doing a rewatch, I was thinking I could read them as I rewatch. I read all the XFiles novels back in the day and the Primeval novels were action-packed. But I never read fan fiction for those shows.

So now that my Kindle is finally working again, is it worth buying any of them, or would I be better off just downloading more fanfic off A03? Are some much better than others? Do they really fit into canon? If they're even half decent I'll likely give them a go.

Thoughts welcome from anyone who has read them and has any opinion on them. No spoilers though, please. :D
Holy crap, I'm writing again! O_O

Title: Howl at that moon.
Author: Starrylizard
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating/genre: gen, PG, episode tag
Word count: 293
Notes: Takes place directly after the S9 finale (so spoilers for that). Thanks to [ profile] yasminke for the quick beta. :D
Summary: Dean reaches for the new power inside him.

“Dean?” it whimpers. )
From Stephen Amell's Facebook page.
Stephen Jared

Edit: Apparently it's also on twitter with some amusing comments from Jared that people should retweet if they want more. (I obviously need to start watching twitter again one of these days) :P
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( Jun. 18th, 2014 09:05 pm)
There's a lot of that brotherly love that the show is based on. So hopefully next season we bounce off of that," Jared told TV Line. (source - contains S9 spoilers)

*perks up hopefully*

Also, vidrec. Hilarious!


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