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([personal profile] starrylizard Jul. 24th, 2020 06:42 pm)
Hi, you've reached the Journal of Starrylizard (aka Lizzie).
These days I'm around, but don't post that often (or just occasionally ramble about the real world under a Friends Lock). I sort of randomly jump into fandom for a few months, then disappear again depending on what life is throwing at me from minute to minute. If you can handle that I'm always happy to make new friends. See the sidebar (and/or below) for links to my fannish works.

I've moved my links up here so they're easier to find.

My fannish stuff:
Fan videos (various fandoms) | Supernatural fan fiction| Stargate Atlantis fan fiction | Other fan fiction | | The Fridge door | [ profile] sunnygecko (my icon journal)

My communities and communities I help to run: (Note: Some of these are basically just archives now. People lost interest, etc.)
[ profile] vid_the_grid: A multifandom prompt table challenge for vidders | [ profile] spnvidrecs: Supernatural vid recs |
[ profile] spn_sceneit: Supernatural vidding resources | [ profile] merlin_sceneit: Creative Merlin resources |
[ profile] spn_vs_cops_fic: Winchesters vs the law


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