Ahhhhh new laptop. Yay! Been wanting one for a while and finally got myself and my money together. In order to get close to the basic specs I wanted, I was made to buy a "gaming" laptop. LOL. I don't think that was a thing the last time I bought one. My old laptop had the equivalent, for the time, of these specs and it didn't need a glowing keyboard. Ha!

So now, maybe I'll be able to vid again. Trying to figure out the versions of Sony Vegas is doing my head in though. The latest Pro version like I used to use is outta my price range. Thinking the other version will easily suit my vidding needs though. Will download the 1 month trial once the muse hits.

Is anyone looking to do Nanowrimo? I'm seriously tempted, especially now that I have a laptop (i.e. means). But most of my novel-shaped ideas are not very well formed. ;)
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