My SPN S11 watch got derailed a few months back for... reasons. Computer ones mostly.
Anyhoo, finally figured out I was up to episode 7, so I'll get back to that. But I'm so forgetful. Can someone fill me in on why (if we know) Sam is having flashbacks o' hell again? Thanks buddies. This is the best place to ask such things. I know you all not only watch it, but are like "how does she not know that"? Ha!

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That's not found out for a few more eps yet (11.10 I think). It will be a spoiler to say why he's getting them.

Sam believes it's a message from God. That's not a spoiler - he's thought that since the beginning.

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Ah cool!  I haven't completely forgotten then.  I remember the message from God thing now.  Seriously, my memory is so bad.  ;-)

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I've just finished a marathon watch of S11 - hadn't seen anny of it up until a couple of weeks ago and now I'm finished =)

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I get lost when I watch a lot of shows week to week these days.  I'm certainly becoming a marathon person for a lot of shows.

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I don't really like watching an episode a week. With most of the shows I watch I tend to make sure I have at least 3 episodes lined up before watching.


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